Türkan Bali

I have a Kurdish background and have been living in Berlin since 1971.
I went to Law School at Free University Berlin. After my graduation I was lucky enough to travel the world. Looking for a new career challenge, I decided to fulfill my dream of working as an electrologist alongside my sister Türkan Bali in her practice. After having completed my training as a beautician, Ms Türkan Bali took care of my training as an electrologist. She herself has been practising in this field since 2001.
We are altogether five female electrologists running an electrical depilation practice which is recognized by most health insurance plans. I am very precise, calm and attentive.

You can be sure to get the best possible treatment since I am ambidextrous and good at staying focused on the task at hand.
My aim is to make my patients feel at ease and to attend to their every need. If they are satisfied with my work, so am I. I speak German and Turkish, as well as some Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.
Menbership: DVEE e.V. ( German Electro-Epilation Association )

Seftap Bali

About Me

I am kurdish and have lived in Berlin since 1971.
Besides working as an electrologist, I am also a healthcare practiioner. In 1979 I began training as a medical assistant and completed my training in 1982. I continue to work as a medical assistant. Additionally, I am a certified naturopath. These two professions are important additions to my work as an electrologist. In addition to my knowledge in the field of health, my training has given me the critical ability to concentrate and to work long hours.
Patience and a steady hand are absolute prerequisites for epilation. The fact that I am left-handed, but have been raised right-handed, gives me the great advantage of being able to use both hands simultaneously, with precision and without strained effort. In 2001 I completed training as an electrologist of international standards with Mrs. Iris Gminski (CPE, IPEC). Since then I have been working continuously as anelectrologist. I am always extremely pleased when clients leave my practice satisfied.

Menbership: DVEE e.V. ( German Electro-Epilation Association )