The Nadelepilation can be applied to all body areas.
Yes, we use electrolysis needle epilation in the genital and intimate areas.
You will not feel the probe when it is being inserted because it is not inserted through the skin but instead through the hair shaft and down to the root of the hair. When the probe enters the root of the hair, a pulse of current will be delivered. You may experience this pulse as a feeling of heat or a light tingling sensation during the treatment. Some say it is similar to the feeling experienced when plucking a hair out. This sensation differs depending on the sensitivity of the individual being treated.
Yes, I am able to offer you acupuncture prior to your treatment in order to reduce your sensitivity to pain. I would then insert acupuncture needles in your ear or other part of your body depending on the area that I am treating through electrolysis..
The number of times that you need to be treated depends on the area where hair is being removed. Normally, at the beginning of the treatment, you will need electrolysis once a week, thereafter every two weeks and then once a month.
Redness and swelling, which are normal bodily reactions, can occur during and after the treatment but they are short-lived.
No. In contrast to other methods, the hair root is being treated and not the surface of the skin. Therefore, there is no possibility of scarring provided the treatment is carried out properly.
The cost of treatments will depend on the area of the body to be treated as well as the thickness of your hair. I will be able to offer you an estimate of the costs of your treatment after our first consultation, which is of course free.
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