Different Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal


The art of Electrology was founded in 1875 by Dr. Charles E. Michel who was seeking a solution to permanently remove ingrown eyelashes. He hit upon the idea of using Galvanic current (DC) to damage the growth cells that were nourishing the hair follicle. This current utilizes the water and natural salt found in the body to produce lye. The lye then works to destroy the cells in the hair follicle to prevent further growth. The galvanic method is highly effective since it continues to destroy the hair germination cells even after the probe is removed from the hair follicle, but it is necessary to apply the current in each follicle for minutes at a time which can be painful for some individuals. This method alone is not used much recently.





Thermolysis, radio frequency or “flash” method is the fastest electroloysis method, treating hair follicles for only a few seconds. Here, a hot probe destroys the hair follicle permanently with heat or electrocoagulation. The cells in the hair follicle die by being coagulating or dried out. The timing for this type of electricity is anywhere from tenths to hundred thousandths of a second within each hair follicle. We use Thermolysis on customers who are very sensitive or who prefer it to the blend method.




The blend method, also called dual action method, is the combination and simultaneous use of galvanic and thermolysis techniques. This ingenious combination incorporates the high kill rate associated with the lye chemical hair removal in the galvanic method along with the swiftness found in the heat removal process of thermolysis. Thus can the hair follicles be permanently and quickly removed. Blend electrology is the most effective hair removal treatment, especially in thick follicle hair removal as seen in male to female transsexuals.