by Epilasyon Bali
Permanent Hair Removal

Needle epilation, also known as electro-epilation, is the
only method for permanent hair removal. This is the only
way to permanently remove all hair, regardless of how
light, thin, dark or thick it is.

Other hair removal methods, such as IPL, SHR or laser
epilation have very little to no effect on light hair and
dark skin. We have many customers who have previously tried to have their hair removed permanently with IPL, SHR or laser. They come to us because they have had a bad experience with these light-based hair removal methods. Some had increased gray hair, others had more hair growth than before. Unfortunately, most of
these methods do not work long-term.

Trans people, intersex people, organic men, organic
women of all stripes and religions from all over the world
come to us with the same problem:

Unwanted hair.

We are an epilation practice that exclusively offers
permanent hair removal through needle /electroepilation. If you would like to have your unwanted hair removed permanently, you are welcome to make an appointment with us.

  • Discovered in 1975 by Dr. Charles E. Michel
  • Destruction of the hair follicle with galvanic current
  • Previously used on ingrown eyelashes
    Method rarely used
  • For sensitive skin
  • Permanent destruction of the hair follicle by highfrequency
    alternating current
  • Preferably used on larger areas of skin
  • Fastest method
  • Combination of thermolysis & electrolysis
  • Production of a hot lye in the hair canal by direct and
    alternating currents
  • Permanent destruction of the hair follicle by the hot lye
  • Most effective method
Initial consultation
In an initial consultation, we offer our customers free advice on electro-epilation. All open questions will be clarified during this interview.
Test treatment
For customers who have no experience with electroepilation but want to start, we have to carry out a short, fee-based test treatment. The test treatment is necessary to determine how the skin reacts. After an observation period of three to four days after the test treatment, a decision is made as to whether a permanent epilation can be started.

Cost estimation and possible payment y health insurance

Cost estimate and assumption of costs Upon request, we can provide cost estimates for applications for reimbursement to the health insurance companies. We offer this service free of charge.
Your regular needle epilation treatment can now begin.

Seftap Bali

I have completed my training as an electrologist according to international standards. In my work, direct contact with people is important to me and I hope to make them a little happier through my work.

For a successful electroepilation it is important to be able to use both hands equally precisely and calmly. My twohanded ability is therefore a great advantage. The removal of individual hairs during needle epilation has a
meditative effect on me, which is why I have a very persistent ability to concentrate.

In addition to German and Turkish, I also speak Spanish,
Portuguese, English and French.In order to be able to improve my language skills, I am
particularly looking forward to international customers.

Membership: DVEE e.V. German Association for
Electrical Epilation

Türkan Bali

I completed my training as an electrologist according to international standards. Since then I have been working continuously as an electrologist and have not lost my fun with it.

As a trained alternative practitioner and doctor’s
assistant, I use my knowledge from the health sector for electroepilation. I have trained myself skills such as patience, precision and concentration through many years of hair removal practice.

In addition, steady hands are a prerequisite for successful epilation. As a born left-handed but trained right-handed woman, I can use both hands very precisely when epilating. I am very pleased every time the customers leave my practice satisfied.

Membership: DVEE e.V. German Association for
Electrical Epilation


Needle epilation can be used on all areas of the body.

They do not feel the insertion of the probe, as it is not inserted through the skin but through the hair shaft to the hair root. When the probe is in the hair follicle, the current pulse is delivered. They feel this current impulse in the form of heat and a slight tingling sensation; similar to plucking. This tingling sensation and the perception of heat vary in intensity in different areas of the body.

We also use needle epilation in the genital area.

The rhythm of treatment depends on the area of the
body to be treated.

In contrast to other methods, only the hair roots are
treated, not the skin surface. When used properly,
scarring is therefore very rarely observed.

Information on treatment costs on request.

Redness and swelling during treatment are normal
physical reactions that are short-lived. The following side
effects are rare but cannot be ruled out: pigment
disorder, inflammation, scarring, bruising

Appointments on request:

Türkan Bali info@haarentfernung-bln.de;

Telephone: 030
430 50 940; Mobile: 0173 243 6782

Seftap Bali seftap@haarentfernung-bln.de;

Mobile: 0172
988 4524

We appreciate your interest. Please feel free to contact us. Should we be in treatment, we ask for your understanding. We will be happy to call you back immediately.


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